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What We Do

Like arranging the perfect bouquet, when you carefully graft all the pieces of a story together, it can grow into a stunning book. Our team will take your book from conception to completion. Fill out our quote form here and we will be sure to match you with the quality service you are looking for! 

Professional Editing

Our editors work on a multitude of projects so they understand that all manuscripts are different! A book will go through several editing stages;

  • Proofreading: This is when we check page proofs of material that is already formatted and edited to ensure design and check for minor errors in copy such as spelling mistakes.

  • Stylistic editing: Clarifying meaning, identify and remove jargon, some other line-by-line editing.

  • Copy editing: This includes editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mechanics of style (a fancy way of saying ensuring clear and consistent communication), inserting head levels; editing tables, figures, and lists, notifying the designer of any strange or unusual production requirements.

  • Substantive or structural editing: This includes clarifying or even reorganizing a manuscript for structure and content.

Editors may also provide developmental editing, coaching, rewriting, production coordination/editing, fact-checking, picture research, permissions, tagging, desktop publishing, and indexing services

Professional Graphic Design

Something magnificent happens when you open a well crafted book. From front to back, inside and out, our graphic designers take your vision and couple it with their talent. A few of the things that our graphic designers do to ensure a happy author are:

  • Create stunning book covers front to back.

  • Lay out the interior text which includes choosing what beautiful typography will be used.

  • Enhance picture quality when needed.

  • Create promotional print material such as posters, bookmarks, and sometimes they even design mugs, shirts or other fun items.

Professional Ghostwriting

A ghostwriter is someone who takes the story you want to tell and puts it to paper when you either don't have the time, don't know how to express the ideas you have or simply don't want to do the writing but want the information out. This ghostwriter does not get any credit and stays hidden behind the scene. An author can opt to give the ghostwriter some credit by calling them a collaborator and including them on the title, but usually this is not the case. 

You can work closely with a ghostwriter, having them draw stories out of you or you can give them the basics and the ghostwriter will research, research, research, then write, write, write!

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